Hygiene vs Detox:

When it was younger, the buzz term around the internet was "digital hygiene". Digital hygiene meant you chose strong passwords, recognized phishing scams, and avoided viruses by only visiting sites you trusted. If you were having problems online, your friend would chide you: “Well your homepage is thegoogle.ru, and you wrote your sole password on a post-it note stuck your computer. What do you expect?”

Today the buzz term is "digital detox". The internet went from being dirty to being an actual poison, which requires a regular flushing of your system to counteract its effects. To digital detox means to avoid the internet entirely, and stay away from all electronic gadgets. You spend your time in nature before you inevitably get sucked back into social media again. If you have problems online today, a friend will chide you: “Oh of course, you were on twitter for longer than an hour, what do you expect? Whenever I want to use the internet, I set up two timers to make sure I go no longer than 20 minutes, and I keep a post-it on my computer that says 'You are not broken'. It's ridiculous that you don't!”