dinner party():

In the future you will hold a dinner party, and all your (geographically) close friends will come. You will be stirring curry over your stove when the monitor on yr wall pings. On the screen you see a map, with pinpoints for the friends who have left their houses, and an ETA for when they'll arrive. Yr friend Sol just posted their coordinates, along with the message “I'm coming from the northside, can I pick up anything?” You can see that the pin they dropped is near one of your favorite breweries, so you send them a message asking if they'd mind picking up some beer. They send back a thumbs up, with an updated ETA.

You are comforted by the simplicity of this interaction, but also by something deeper. The message you sent was on an encrypted channel, readable only by Sol. This map is one that only your friends have access to, which is why they're comfortable sharing their location. Even the icon of yr favorite cider shop was personal, and loaded into the “favorite places” section of the map by you and your friends. Your technology feels as intimate as your dinner party, because y'all built the whole thing yourself.