That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great.
- Willa Cather, My Antonia

This is the online digital garden of me, Zach Mandeville! This is my ever-changing, ever-calming home.
My home is a spacious mid-century rambler— a mid-century rambler of coooooooode.

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Update Log

  • On Tuesday night, tidied the source code at entrance

    This is the first step to a multi-page process. I am generating all my html from text files in a deeply homespun process, which feels great! A downside is that the generated html was all in a single line in the source code. This meant that if someone were to view the source at, it'd be hard to tell what's going on. I don't like this, I want all these pages to have readable source code, so visitors can learn from or pilfer from as they so please! To fix this, I ensured that the html was properly valid (i had some bad height attributes set for my SVG's), then ran tidy on them so they looked pretty! I also wrote some helper scripts for later, so i can do this quickly on all my other pages. But right now, it late, i'm tired, and I wanna read some Sandman comics!

  • On Monday morning, I linked these updates to the new RSS

    Tiny little update, where this list of things is now attached to my new RSS and my new way of doing things...everything is run in the background with friendly clojure helpers I wrote.

  • On Saturday afternoon, Added a new RSS feed

    Today, I tried writing a new rss feed that should be properly styled. I am talking line breaks, BOLD TEXT, italicized text, and links please enjoy!

  • On Friday evening, Added a weblog for all my unfiltered thoughts

    Hello! I added a new section to the site at /log, a good ol' weblog for whatever thing I want to add. It has a nice bit of lisp magic in its writing, to make it easy for me to add and publish pages to it. The aesthetic is inspired by Seymour Hersh' memoir Reporter

  • On Saturday afternoon, Added new Web Zine on HTML

    I wrote the first of an eventual series on making a personal webpage, based off workshops we did as part of Solarpunk Magic Computer Club. Web Zine 01 goes into setting up a text editor and making a page with pure html. I found that so many tutorials on making a webpage were either too technical, assuming the reader wanted a career in web development, or too patronizing, assuming the reader was a golden retriever or a baby. This is my attempt to offer something for people who want their own website in the same way they want to cook their own dinner. Hopefully my intention comes through! This is also up on

  • On Tuesday morning, Added Future Will be technical back to the site

    Added back a couple of my older pages, The Future Will be Technical and my friends. Am working on introducing all the old pages back, but improving their text and colours as I go...but honestly I love the look of these two pages as rough as they are, and just wanted them back. So they're back!

  • On Thursday morning, Wrote a zine on the Wellington Rose Garden

    Angelica and I took a trip to the rose garden, and these are my thoughts! Some nice photos of flowers taken by Angelica, and some thoughts on their look and scents by me (zach mandeville). That's all.

  • On Tuesday morning, I started again

    Starting it all again. Did a big rethink on how I wanted coolguy to look, feel, and be structured, and to make future me able to maintain it better. Kicked it off today with a grand simplifying of the homepage. There's a lot missing, but it hasn't disappeared, its' just off the site for a minute before I bring it back. So everything is safe, just invisible! and in the meantime, here's to a simple and fun coolguy!