Updates to Coolguy.website

This is another test!! yah!


hell yah good stuff

Angelica put a whole sushi in her mouth.


She was doing it to impress me, and I was impressed, but there was too much wasabi in it and now she's fucked.

There's no other changes to the site, though.

I am showing a demo to Sam!


This is my demo and it is in markdown. It's all about the cool stuff.

Here is another paragraph.

This really works and I am happy!


Oh yeah, this is great!

So cool. Awesome.

This is a test to see if the build works!


If i did this right, then there should be a new entry in our feed. that would feel good.

Not only that, this entry should have multiple paragraphs, the second one starting with "not only that".

This is a test, I hope to god it works!


This is just a test. Yah! So cool!

Big Time Coolguy!


I remade coolguy as one big repo, so that I am more public with the various tools and experiments I use to make up the website, and to show the works in progress outside the site.

For the tag, I am using the Coolian Date system. This is similar to Julian Date, but the Coolian Date is defined as "Days since the creation of coolguy.website, or 23/11/2015". It is a more accurate, and useful, metric than today's date (or the damned Julian date).