Updates to Coolguy.website

Added a new codebook section

I wanted to write more about some of the slightly esoteric projects I work on for coolguy.website, since the way the webpage is made and updated is a bit unique and v. personal, and so the code belongs on my personal website! It's a work in progress, of course, but I like the aesthetic I was able to get on these pages!

Implemented Taglog on the site!

Taglog is an RSS feed and updates page generated from my git history. I have made it an official part of the site by swapping out the updates section on the homepage, adding a new updates page, and updating the RSS feed.

I think this will make it easier for me to share new stuff, and that has me happy, and I love how extremely personalised this is. I also have entered my 'lemonchiffon and sharpie' phase of CSS aesthetic, as seen on the updates page.

Added back my vision of the future

This was a piece that was linked to from my old site, but lived in a roundabout way on a couple different websites. I was worried I'd lost it, but was able to get back the original file, fix some typos, and get that baby back up!

A Grip of Old Friends, Revisited!

I did a bunch of revisits to coolguy, to bring back some older writing to the new version of the site, but have even bigger news before that...

The Future Will Be Technical is now in Polish!

This is due to the awesome work of https://mvu.pl. It makes me so happy to see their translation and be able to talk to them at the start of last week. I am unbelievably humbled,proud,chuffed,happy,embarassed,all of it about this work continually to find an audience. I include a link to the translation on the writing's page: https://coolguy.website/the-future-will-be-technical/

Old Diary Entries Back in Fashion

I have a new sort of diary on coolguy at /log. It is written entirely in Pollen, which is a plaintext format that is also a lisp, which means I can build out my own specific syntax for my writing, but in a way where the original source is hella readable. I love working with pollen.

However, I used to have a pure html diary on the site and there are several entries in that old diary that make me nostalgic or have some sentences I like, and i didn't want to lose them. So I converted all of them into pollen and placed them in the log. The log now goes all the way back to 2017! A part of me wants to grab an archive of my teenage diaryland blog, but that might be tooooo embarassing for me, even if the archive is important!

For now, you can read an extended log, if you fancy, here: https://coolguy.website/log

Return of some old writing too!

I also used to have a writing page, but it got too confusing for my simple brain. I didn't know what entries belonged in writing, which in their own project page, which in the diary, etc. So now, everything has its own folder at the same level of the site and everything is a self-contained pollen booklet. I can figure out additional organization later, but i like this format. However similar to the diary, I didn't wanna lose this writing and wanted to have it in the newer, nicer, pollen format. So I converted it all! You can see them all on the /home page. None of them are new, but maybe they're new to you?

Part of what let me do this easily is I made a specific coolguy pollen library, that will contain all the idiosyncratic tags for my writing. If that is of interest to you, you can check it out here:


and to see an example pollen file, check out:


Also, check out the pollen homepage:


Alright, that's it, hell yah, have a good day!