About this Zine

This zine is for those who have not made a site before, especially those who don’t consider themselves coders.

It’s not meant to be a textbook or authorative reference. While I stand behind everything in this zine, I am but an excited friend sharing exciting things. I am not an expert; I don’t even know how to spell authoratative.

My main hope is to inspire and encourage you, and give an approach for making websites that feels truly personal. I hope to show that this space is one you are welcome in.

Moreso, it’s to show that, with a few bits of code, you can manifest whatever space you want.

This zine is not exhaustive (yet). It started out as print, and there’s only so much stuff I can write and still fold the paper in half. Your site will feel quite bare by the end of the zine, but future issues in the series will show how to style it and get it online. So hopefully you enjoy this and enjoy the others too!