What is a Webpage?

At its simplest, a webpage is a folder of text files broadcast from a computer to the rest of the world.

This folder will likely have media too (nice pictures and songs and such).

(And it’s likely being broadcast far beyond our world, into outer space and the ethereal realms.)

It is continuously illuminating to realize websites are just text files in folders, like any other writing you’d keep on your computer.

And too that, beyond this, a webpage is whatever you want it to be.

Today, most webpages look the same. They don’t have to.

There is no reason for their look beyond convention, false assumptions, and probably a type of soul-tiredness prevalent today.

Your webpage can, and should, look however you want.

It can, and should, be about anything you want.

It does not need to be perfect, or finished, or even good.

A webpage, at best, is a space you manifest to hold an idea or dream.

It is whatever that means for you.