Becoming a Blargh

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Published: 13 February, 2022—— 21:22

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A cyclone visited the country, or “a former cyclone” as the news called it (and which felt rude and ageist to the storm). It’s mostly meant that we’ve had several days of torrential rain during the high days of summer. Odd to have the summer light, but a full winter overcast downpour. It’s made us especially lazy, though, as the weather is really too miserable to do anything in and it came the heaviest on Sunday, the day the least suited for work. We also had the ps4 return to our house, and so this is all to say I played so much video games today.

Been playing Guilty Gear Strive and I adore it. It has a tremendous skill ceiling, but it seems like I could get fairly far learning the move fundamentals for just a couple characters–which is really welcoming and nice. I like anime fighters where it isn’t just the look you are drawn to, but a play style that really makes them unique among everyone else. It isn’t only whether someone is rushdown versus grappler versus mixup, but whether you want to play a vampire who can go into a blood rage and start losing health, or a one-armed samurai who can attach themsleves to the opponent with a rope, and change up the gamespace entirely, or to be a man with a ghost friend that you control simultaneously like they marionettes. It’s so fun, and the fact that it isn’t completely overwhelming is a good testament to the design.

Will return to the working, productive, goal-based world tomorrow. Sunday is still here though, so I’ma pracftice combos and listen to RXK Nephew a bit longer.