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Published: 09 October, 2021—— 23:04

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Tumultous, but ultimately wonderful Saturday today. Tried out a new restaurant for us on the pier—Rosie’s Tacos—and drank “slushy margs” and played gin. Living the “retired couple on a cruise” life. The margaritas were great, the guacamole was good but v. hard to dip crackers into, which made it not really function as a guacamole. Also, everyone at the restaurant wore a t-shirt that said “I hope they serve tacos in hell” which was a strange slogan, I thought, to have every employee wear. There wasn’t really anything irreverent about the restaurant beyond saying stuff like “slushy marg” and having big fonts on the menu...it didn’t seem like were were on a straight-line to hell. And also, feel like if you’ve resigned to an eternity of damnation, you’d want something more than tacos.

(I admit, I did not try the tacos and the slogan might make more sense after eating them.)

We did try a new card game from Sean Ross (creator of Haggis) called Dickory (double meaning intended) that was bizarre and fun. It’s a two player climbing/shedding game where the rank of the cards is shifting like the hours on a clock. It’s a delight where the game at first feels chaotic or automatic(e.g. you have no control and your next play is obvious), but then all these subtle strategies of hand management and intentional losses and timing come into play. It’s a deeper game than first glance. I am excited to see how it develops (as it is still a prototype i think: it’s rules are in a google doc).

I been enjoying our binge into card games, and the creativity throughout them. It might be cos of my relationship with tarot, but there feels to be something magical about our ability to find so many clever patterns and flows within the same 52 cards. I think it is cool!

We listened to Vampire Weekend as we played Dickory, then after Angelica put on a Haroumi Hosono album. I realized that this album sounded a lot like another Vampire Weekend song, 2021. Turns out it’s sampled! We had some sorta internal musical connector between our two musical choices.

So after, I did dishes and listened now to the super jammyv version of 2021, and its 17 minutes of guitar noodling and I viiiibed.. It felt v. proper and old, like a boomer putting on a Dead set as they organize their workbench. At one point do I move from “ironic that I act like an old person” to just admitting I am old?