'That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great.'


The Future Will be Technical / A humanist future manifesto that is suited for all, but was specifically made for the Scuttlebutt community for how we can best welcome new non-dev members

A Vision of the Future / A Solarpunk Presentation made for The Lark

Smashmouth's White Magic / A necessary essay on the occult backgrounds of Smash Mouth.

A Drug Talk with Dad / Character Monologue from a well-meaning, well-informed father.

Storybrook Complex / I wanted to write an emo song as a spoken word piece and this is what came out.

Basic HTML Competency is the New Folk Explosion / A blog post cum essay I like and still believe in, that is a type of manifesto for this site.

Hero of the Future: TED NELSON / A short ode to one of my favorite people.

Sonic Pi and Me / A loving ode to my favorite computer language.