The Text Editor

By text editor, I mean a computer program that lets you fill a blank page as simply as possible.

Programs like ms word and google docs won’t work, as they’re deceptively complex. They add a bunch of hidden chaff to your words that becomes visible gibberish in a browser.

You want to be able to read and edit the text exactly as it is, without flourish. This unadorned text is called “plain text” and you want a “plain text editor”.

Ultimately, your text editor is a deeply personal choice, like picking your preferred pen or notebook. When you find the one right for you, it can be like discovering both a new way of speaking and a long-lost friend.

Long-term, I recommend checking out an editor called Vim.

In the meantime, to get started, I recommend the editor Brackets. It is not the best, but it is good. Importantly, it is free, works on most all computers, and is straightforward and minimal.

Vim is likely already installed on your computer. Brackets can be installed with a click from the Brackets Homepage.