New Year

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Published: 01 January, 2023 -- 23:53

Previously: Late night last night emo show

New year, late night, buzzing with pipe tobacco and a fresh loss of backgammon. Angelica and I have gotten hard into that game, and I am getting too frustrated at my poor rolls. Most of the games I love are over a 100 years old, and now with backgammon we are playing a thousands year old game.

We had a day of intentional vibe setting. Started the day with morning pages in the backyard and yoga in the front room, then a lucky mochi ball soup before we headed to the ocean to eat kfc with our feet in the water. KFC made us promptly sick, so retired to sleep it off and grumble, watching veep and matilda with glazed eyes. This was not the vibe we wanted, so rallied for some late night board games (played Tara too) and now Angelica is going to sleep and I am trying to wind down.

This break has been wonderful for everything but my sleep schedule. Been loving going to sleep at 3am and waking up when my body tells me to (like 10), but in two days I will have work again with its 8:10 standup meeting and I need to try to get my body to adjust back. Not tonight though. Tonight the vibe is a quiet front room and a book until I can’t keep my eeys open, no matter what hour that is.