Very Casual, Very cool

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Published: 07 January, 2019—— 23:02

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This is real quick. I saw a man do the coolest kick flip on his skateboard today. It was a simple and pure cool, the unscented clean-air ideal of cool. I was walking down Wakefield, across from the New World, and a man was crossing the crosswalk with a slightly tense, but happy, face—as if he were progressing through an interesting thought—and he was on a skateboard. And as he got to the curb, he ollied and flipped his skateboard, and landed smooth, without every changing his facial expression. It was so casual, which made it so cool. It was as if he didn’t even notice the kick flip, it was natural, like scratching your neck.

I don’t know if I used the terms ollie or kick flip correctly. I mean both in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater sense. He did a tony hawk move while wearing the expression of a writer just stumbling upon the necessary ending for their novel.

That’s really it, just wanted to hop on here and let y’all know!