Red Dog

Make the most money!

Materials needed

  • A deck of 52 cards


A dealer is designated however you see fit.

All players put in an ante to make up the pool.

Dealer shuffles the deck and hands 5 to all players. The remaining cards are placed face down and make the stock.

Everyone will have a chance to bet, starting with the player to the left of the dealer.

The bet is whether you have a card in hand that is the same suit, but a higher rank, then the card the dealer pulls from the top of the deck.

To start, the dealer reveals the top card and “burns it”, placing it face up at the bottom of the deck. Then, the play begins.

The first player looks at their hand, and bets a stake–an amount that must be at least as much as the ante, and no greater than the pool.

After making the bet, the dealer reveals the top card.

If the player can play a greater card of the same suit from their hand, they show it to the table and win the bet, taking back their stake and an equal amount from the pool.

If they are unable to play a card, they lose and their stake is added to the pool.

(The player may make a maximum bet and win, and so take the entire pool. If this happens, all players make an ante again to refill the pool.)

Play continues to the left until everyone has had a chance to bet.

If you keep going, then keep money that was in the pool at the last player’s turn, switch dealers, and start again!

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