Don’t be a pig!

Materials needed

  • A deck of 52 cards


This is a simple game of luck and observation. Either be the first at the table to get four of a kind, or to be one of the quickest people to notice who got four of a kind. If you unlucky or slow, you a pig!!


Determine an ante. Everyone stakes their ante and keeps the stake in front of them.

Determine a dealer. They shuffle the deck and deal 4 cards to each player.

The remaining cards make a draw pool to the right of the dealer.


Everyone takes a card in their hand and passes it to the player on their left, simultaneously taking the card passed to them on the right.

The dealer draws cards from the deck instead of placing to the right.

The person to the right of the dealer discards their card to a discard pile.

Everyone can only have 4 cards in their hand at a time. The dealer can draw a new card from the pile at any pace they like, as long as they are keeping to the hand limit.

If and when your hand is made up of four of a kind (e.g. four Aces), then put a finger on your nose and keep it there.

As soon as one person is touching their nose, all other plays may touch their nose, holding that position.

The last person to touch their nose is deemed the pig, gives up their stake, and leaves the round.

Keep playing until there are only one player left. They keep the pool.

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