15-09-2015 / Ridgewood, Queens

Clear skin in an unclear world

comic cover with an open, spilling tube of skin cream. Title says 'clear skin in an unclear world: let's talk facial hygiene!'
page 1
4 panel comic. First two panels a dirty-faced teen in a ripped shirt clears his throat and adjusts the webcam he is speaking into. panel 3: strict rules, curfews, an uncertain future-- and you are too nervous to talk to your crush about a zit? This sounds like a nightmare...but it's just my life. panel 4: Hi, my name's cody, and in this week's vlog I'd like to talk about hygiene and using Proactive skin solutions. The world is a pretty scary place these days, but there's no reason you skins should be!
page 2
Panel 1: With the event, teens today face more problems than ever. Like, what am I going to be when I grow up? How can I take care of my skin? Did god forget us? Cody holds a sign with big questions: why did the dragons come back, what foods cause acne, why did the trees disappear, what happened to our parents? Panel 2: Now, I can't answer most of these questions, but when it comes to a skin solution that is easy to use, I gotta recommend proactiv. Panel 3: You see, proactive uses science to target the problem areas of your face so you can focus on what's important: looking good. Panel 4: Being a teen is still about impressing the opposite sex. All of the babies may have died, but babes still exist. And it is hard to feel confident if you're worried about acne!
page 3
I have a crush who lives in the other burn camp. We met during an eclipse, but I blew my chance to talk to her because I was worried about my face. But since taking the Proactiv challenge, my acne is clear and my confidence is boosted! With skin-smoothing exfoliation, pore-targeting science, and breakout blocking hydration, Proactiv has it all. And, it is technically a protein, which is vital these days. There are problems we can't fix. We can't explain the snake's eye that covers the sun. We can't find the dogs, even though we can hear them. But we can take control of our daily hygiene! Using it is easy: just follow three steps: cleanse, treat, repair. Basically, what the earth seems to be doing to itself, you do to your face. And it's easy to work into your day!
page 4
Take my routine, for example. I get up when the howling starts and use the renewing cleanser. Then I forage in the ash fields, bringing along my blemish stick in case I feel a zit forming. At dusk, I sneak past the other burn camp to try to catch a glimpse of my crush. I know we are not supposed to be out at dusk--cos that's when the dragons can see best--but the only thing i hate worse than dragons are rules. I'll sit on the hill outside her cap and apply a pore mask. And when the howling gets too loud I go home, apply the repair cream, and go to bed. Easy!
page 5
So you probably have questions, like: how much does it cost? Well, that's going to change depending on what currency your camp uses these days. You might ask: does it work as a sunscreen? It doesn't, but we're pretty sure the snake's eye blocks all sunlight. Also, you might say: Proactiv sounds too good to be true! It's not. It is true. You have to believe in something. Or maybe you're like, hey Cody! Why are you spending so much time selling Proactiv? Because it's the only consistent thing in my life, and I'm trying to maintain some sense of normalcy. Also, I found a huge stash during the last raids.
page 6
Also, the last time I saw my crush, she took my hand and screamed 'You have to get underground!' And I noticed how beautiful and clear her skin was; how radiant and healthy she looked. For skin that good, you have to be using something. Probably proactiv. So if she's listening, and if she does use Proactiv: Hi, I would like to share my stash, and my life, with you. I gotta go, viewers, but until next week--if there is one!--this is Cody telling you that acne isn't the end. It's only the beginning.
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back page. A snake's eye radiating with sun's rays.
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