About Coolguy.Website

This is a homepage. It has been my home for several years. When I first started to code it myself, I wrote an introduction to mark this new stage. That essay still feels like a good starting point, even though my site (and myself!) have changed a bunch since then.

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Now, I find myself with new dreams and directions for this home. These inspired a styling overhaul for the page, and a new essay on my intentions.

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My biggest dream is for all y'all to have your own homepages too, but I know that it can be confusing on where to start. I've written up an overview for how I make my site (and how sites generally function) to help with that initial confusion. Coolguy is intended as an instruction manual for homes, as much as my own home.

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Lastly! The site has gone through several stages, and several looks, and so I wrote up a lil history!

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Thank you for checking out the site I hope you like it!!!!!!